Tips For Creating Yummy Dishes With Cricket Flour

Trying to create healthy dishes that happen to be tasty as well can certainly be an ordeal. You do have to add a number of ingredients that are neither natural nor nutritious too often. The matter gets slightly more pronounced when you want some form of protein for your meals. The ubiquitous chicken and fish are done to death and red meat is a strict no-no where your health is at stake. So, what do you do now? Is there any other alternative?

Fret not; you can actually try the opposite end of the protein spectrum and include insect protein this time. No, you are not being told to munch on crunchy insects! Opt for the powdered cricket protein instead. It happens to be a great form of sustainable protein that will help your body to regain its strength and keep your muscles from being fatigued in a jiffy. All you have to is to put on your thinking hat and create a host of innovative recipes that feature the exotic cricket flour or cricket powder. Still confused? Wait! Here are a few ideas. Do check them and cook up a storm in the kitchen with the fine or coarse grained cricket flour. Read on to get a taste of the best. Bon Appétit!

No worries, if you are allergic to gluten or cannot consume dairy products. Cricket protein is 100% gluten free as well as dairy free and is paleo friendly to boot. The genuine cricket flour has no added sugars either! Another bonus that you get is its natural flavor that happens to be just a bit savory with a hazel nut like taste. Sure, you cannot start off baking with just cricket powder but you can certainly begin by replacing around 5% to 15% of your favorite flour with this wonderful alternative i.e. cricket flour. This will definitely boost the overall taste of your baked goodies. Try adding a spoon or two more of cricket flour to the savory treats you are baking and your dish is going to be the most filling, satisfying, and yummy item ever. Additionally, you can get fresh organic produce in Chiang Mai to go with your meal. So, go ahead and get started!

– Why don’t you try to whip up some pancakes with cricket flour for breakfast this week? Both the sweet as well as the savory versions taste wonderful when made with cricket powder.

– Time for lunch now! Give a great twist to the conventional dish of spaghetti and meatballs by opting for tofu balls instead of the unhealthy meat and enhance the protein by topping up the tofu with a generous amount cricket flour.

– What about the dessert though? No worries! Use your imagination to bake a big batch of carotene rich carrot cup cakes. Try sieving almond flour and cricket flour together for the base of the cup cakes. Wow! You now have the most sumptuous gluten free and nutritious dessert ready.

There is really no end to the recipes that you can create with the aid of cricket protein. From soups to salads, cookies to cakes, the list is practically never ending. So, go ahead and have fun cooking protein filled delights thanks to the readily available cricket flour online.