Top 10 Advantages Of Cricket Flour Protein

The food industry is undergoing a change for the better, slowly but surely! Gone are the days when you would have to settle for a big chunky meat laden dishes or an attractively packaged dessert filled with artificial flavoring and colors. Tough luck for your teeth! Well, the big names in the industry did not care and hoped to sell such food bereft of nutritious value in order to make a quick profit and to hell with your health, you can think of it after you fall ill from ingesting all the wrong kinds of food. Thankfully the scenario has changed completely now! You are entitled to get the best nutrition out of every tiny morsel of food that passes your lips and the FDA has provided you with a list of ingredients that you can benefit from.

Yet, do you still cringe when you hear the word insects especially cricket? No worries, this friendly chirpy insect also happens to be a great source of protein say the scientists. You would do well to order a good amount of cricket flour (milled cricket grain) for yourself without any further ado. It is going to fill your body admirably with proteins and other nutrients so that you end up as a healthy individual with thoughts of gaining extra sustenance banished once and for all.

Yes, you do get to benefit substantially by switching to cricket protein from the traditional red meat or poultry. Do read on for the details and satisfy your body with the best protein ever.

1. Cricket flour happens to contain about 65% of protein without any unhealthy fat.

2. It is the best source available for every essential amino acid required by human beings.

3. Cricket powder is a dense protein that can be consumed in small amounts and still giving you maximum protein nutritional profile thus helping you to save more money in the long run.

4. It also contains far less calories and can be an excellent form of protein for losing weight.

5. Cricket flour is a non-dairy protein and is rich in calcium. This will enable you to get your daily suggested amounts of calcium even you are lactose intolerant.

6. It is 100% gluten free. That is good news for all those folks who are allergic to gluten or gluten intolerant.

7. You can certainly mix cricket flour with other gluten free flours like tapioca and coconut flour while baking wholesome goodies. This will keep your allergy in check while you manage to control your carb intake at the same time.

8. Try adding a bit of cricket powder in your smoothies and protein shakes after working out at the gym. You are sure to develop all the right muscles without feeling fatigued.

9. Chuck out the standard whey based proteins and opt for cricket flour instead. It will help you to stay in shape without having to resort to steroids, hormones, and other artificial products that do more harm than good.

10. Crickets that are farm raised for producing cricket flour require very little water as opposed to cows and other animals. There are much less green house gas emissions as well. This makes cricket protein totally environment friendly.

So you not only keep yourself healthy by opting for cricket flour but succeed in keeping the Earth healthy too. It is time to give your body a better chance and what better means to do it except by including cricket protein in your daily diet?