What is cricket flour? This new protein source is exploding in the health food world!

So, what is cricket flour exactly? This is a question that we get ALL OF THE TIME. As a matter of fact, it made our Frequently Asked Questions list as the #1 question. This post aims to help you understand the many wonderful benefits and advantages of incorporating cricket powder into your diet.

What Is Cricket Flour?

Eeek! This is a sound you often hear especially from the faint at heart when you mention eating insects. You may be aware that there are food dyes extracted from beetles or other insects but you may not feel too comfortable actually munching on insects just yet. The truth about one of today’s newest superfood is certainly not that bizarre. The FDA has announced cricket protein as one of the best sources of overall protein/nutrition and the entire world is buzzing over it!

Welcome to the world of cricket flour. It is a product that is prepared from farm fresh crickets in the hinterlands of Thailand and exported by various companies to the Western World. Thailand is a trusted source of cricket products as they have been using them as a food staple for hundreds of years. Cricket flour is a great source of protein that is also chocked full of other nutritional elements. It is made by grinding the farm raised crickets with the help of a milling facility. The refined cricket powder is then finely ground into cricket flour. A coarse form of cricket flour is also frequently exported. The texture of powder depends on the ultimate usage of the cricket protein(bars, flour for baking, add-ins for pasta etc).

With hard core foodies and food critics making a beeline for eateries serving cricket flour laced dishes in USA as well as in Europe, cricket protein is becoming more ubiquitous by the minute. In the next few years, we expect many gourmet restaurants to include it in their menus as a health conscience, sustainable alternative to animal proteins.

Yes, the cricket flour is full of protein but did you know that it is also rich in calcium, vitamin B12, and iron too? You will get 12.9g of protein from a 100g of cricket flour in addition to the above mentioned minerals and nutrients. That makes it a significant source of sustainable protein. The fact that there are ZERO additional artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives makes cricket protein truly whole and natural. This is rarely true of most animal protein products. Health wise, you can enjoy substantial benefits by incorporating cricket protein into your meals(not to mention, you are helping the environment too!). That is a definite win-win situation for all.

cricket-flour-brownieThe taste of dishes that utilize this non-standard product is certainly nothing to scoff at though. Cookies, cakes and other baked goods with cricket protein tossed in adds a subtle nutty/earthy flavor. You can use it for baking your own delectable goodies and give them a flavorful punch of protein. Remember to check a few authentic recipes before you try it for the first time. Your favorite cricket flour distributor will be able to put all your doubts about cricket protein products to rest including any allergic reactions that may occur on ingesting cricket flour or cricket powder. Cricket flour can be used very similarly to regular wheat flour. We recommend trying out new recipes in small batches to make sure you are happy with the texture and taste before making larger quantities.

When obtaining cricket flour or cricket protein, proceed with caution instead of getting carried away by your enthusiasm to buy this incredible protein product. Do some research and find suppliers/distributors with reputable company credentials and that specializes in delivering and/or exporting wholesale cricket flour and cricket powder. We have all of our certifications and approvals listed so that you can rest assured that you are obtaining the highest quality cricket flour in the world.

It is time for you find out for yourself why critics are raving about this product and to pamper your soul with some cricket protein. Give it a try sometime. Bon Appétit!