Why are companies starting to use Cricket Flour in Dog Treats?

Have you noticed more and more pet companies using unique recipes including Cricket Flour as one of their main ingredients? There has been quite a buzz in the ento(insect) market in the western world for human consumption of insects, but it’s becoming popular in the pet food and pet treats industry.

Here are 5 reasons why Cricket Flour is becoming so popular:

  • Cricket Flour is nutrient dense – Cricket flour is packed with minerals and nutrients and is high in the Omega-3 fatty acids that promote skin, joint and fur/coat health.
  • Cricket Flour is more sustainable and Eco-Friendly – it takes very little resources to raise and harvest crickets in comparison to cattle and many other animal protein.
  • Cricket Flour has higher protein content than animal protein– For a 100 gram serving, there is 3 times more protein than beef.
  • Cricket Flour is a good alternative to pets with animal or soy allergies – Does your pet have allergies to certain types of animal or soy proteins? Cricket flour dog and cat treats could be the answer.
  • Cricket Flour is cost-effective  – It is far less costly financially and environmentally to use Cricket Flour vs other animal protein sources.

Would you let your pet consume dog or cat treats made from Cricket Flour? Let us know your thoughts.